Innovation Management

Innovation Management

 Lecturer: Sultan Haider


  • Learn theoretic basics of innovation management
  • Multidisciplinary und intercultural teamwork
  • Considering financial resources, commercialization, social and cultural boundary conditions
  • Problem description and recognition
  • Developing ideas and creating concepts
  • Presentations
  • Practical experience by working together on a project
  • Guidance by a participant of the seminar Innovation Leadership

Within the theoretical part of the seminar we would collectively work on understanding what “innovation” actually means and what differentiates invention from innovation. Innovations are based on new ideas and inventions however innovations go beyond that: There has to be a business and financial model for feasibility and an invention is finally an innovation when it is accepted in the society and comes to market. It is also a political and social process to transform a good idea into innovation. A first step for an innovation is to identify a problem. Then a good idea should present a solution, which has to be tested for having a commercialization chances within certain cultures and certain economic constraints. The creation of innovations, for example in a company therefore is to understand the social process which exists as a cooperation of many participants: It requires multi-disciplinary Know-how, intercultural competence, diverse experiences and finally the knowledge of how people together in teams. Innovation as a team effort therefore requires Innovation management. Along with the theoretical basics practical exercises should be part of the seminar: Each seminar will consist of three components: A theoretical part (approx. 30% of the seminar time), a practical brainstorming part and a presentation part, in which the groups present their results. For the preparation of the presentations it would be helpful, if some participants could bring a laptop.

This seminar would be conducted by Sultan Haider, who is founder and head of Innovation Think Tank at Siemens Healthcare. Mr. Haider is one of the Principal Key Experts at Siemens Healthcare and has filed over 350 inventions and patents. Also look at:

 Additional information:

  • Seminar, 2 SWS, 5 ECTS-Credits, for beginners, can be used as key skills
  • Language: german and english
  • time and place: single appointments at 13th of April 2018 and 27th of April, 12:00 – 15:00, Hörsaal ZMPT


  • Registered student of Bachelor-/Masterdegree course

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