IMC-BU 2015

Innovation Management Certification

on 7-11 December 2015


Sultan Haider, Founder and director of Innovation Think Tank, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Germany.

Haider has filed over 375 inventions and patents and has established 7 innovation labs in Germany, China, India and Turkey. He holds guest faculty positions in several world renowned institutions and is also a director Innovation Research Lab at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.;

Press release (Siemens Turkey): (English translation below)


Siemens Contributes to Boğaziçi University Innovation Management Certification Program


164 students from 19 universities applied to the Innovation Management Certification Program organized with the cooperation of Siemens Health Turkey and Boğaziçi University Technology Transfer Office. The Program aims to develop innovative solutions for biomedical and medical problems. 40 students who were selected as a result of the evaluation among the applicants identified the biomedical and medical problems during the hospital visits they performed. The program, coordinated by Associate Professor Burak Acar from Boğaziçi University Electrical-Electronic Engineering Department was carried out by Sultan Haider, Founder and Director of Siemens Healthcare Innovation Think Tank.

Innovation Management Certification Program, which aims to bring innovative solutions to biomedical and medical problems, was realized on December 7-11 with the cooperation of Siemens Healthcare Turkey and Boğaziçi University. As a result of the effective announcement and publicity efforts carried out by Boğaziçi University Technology Transfer Office, 164 students from 19 different universities applied to the Program. Participated by 40 students selected after an evaluation, Innovation Management Certification Program was carried out by Sultan Haider, Founder and Global Director of Siemens Healthcare Innovation Think Tank with the coordination of Association Professor Burak Acar from the Electrical-Electronic Engineering Department of Boğaziçi University. Sultan Haider, the owner of more than 375 inventions and patents, is also known as the founder of 7 innovation laboratories in Germany, China, India, and Turkey.

Problems identified on-site with actual hospital visits

The training was performed by Sultan Haider, Founder and Global Director of Siemens Healthcare Innovation Think Tank; Mehmet Ayçin, Siemens Healthcare Turkey Imaging Systems Marketing Manager; and Associate Professor Burak Acar. The students were divided into 9 different project groups and given training by Sultan Haider on innovation management theory and methodology on the first day of the Program.

The students visited hospitals on the second day of the Program and identified the biomedical and medical problems on-site. They developed innovative solutions for these problems on the third day of the Program and after finalizing their projects, prepared them as presentation on the fourth day.

On the last day of the Program, these 9 project groups made their presentations and shared their innovative solution suggestions with Hüseyin Gelis, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Siemens Turkey and Prof. Dr. Gülay Barbarosoğlu, Rector of Boğaziçi University. Following the presentations made by the project teams on December 11, three projects were awarded. The students received their awards from Hüseyin Gelis and Gülay Barbarasoğlu. Mr. Gelis stated the following in the speech he gave at the award ceremony: “As Siemens, we will be celebrating our 160th year in Turkey next year. Sustainability and innovation are among our most prominent issues. Today, we are happy to see valuable projects that have an innovative spirit and I congratulate the students who participated in our Certification Program. We, as Siemens, will continue to support such initiatives.”

Prof. Dr. Gülay Barbarosoğlu said: “I am truly impressed by the projects. I am happy to witness such projects developed with valuable innovative solutions in such a short time. I am the Turkish representative to the European University Association. That’s why I am following the researches closely. I believe research rests in the center of innovation and development. In order for us to develop as a country, a bridge has to be established between the universities and the industry on the basis of innovation and technology. The cooperation between universities and industry will provide a momentum for development. We are happy to cooperate with an institution like Siemens, which is one of the leading technology companies of the world.”




Content and timeline:

Day 1 Theory of innovation management

Team building

Communication techniques

Project assignment and first brainstorming sessions

Day 2- Day 4 Hospital visit, organized by Siemens Healthcare, Turkey

Group work on proposed projects with feedback where needed

Day 5 Presentation of the projects and awards for the best projects

The awards will be presented by CEO of Siemens Turkey and Rector of Boğaziçi University.

Number of participants: 40

Eligibility: Turkish universities’ graduate or undergraduate students in bio-medical engineering,

electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering,

computer engineering,

graphic design

or economics.

Apply along with a CV to in CC to

Application deadline: 27 November 2015


The partcipation within the programme would be assured based on first come first serve principle so do not wait for the last day for registration. Also knowing the participants will help us in a better planning of the event and participating teams.