Press and Testimonials

News 14.12.2016 Internationales Forschungs- und Entwicklungsmanagement durch „Innovation Think Tank“

News 18.11.2016 Innovation Management & Leadership Certification 2016-2017 Program started at Bogazici university as Siemens Innovation hub in Turkey

News 11.11.2016 Hochschule Augsburg: Innovation Think Tank als Businesstool zur Ideenrealisierung

News 27.10.2016 Erfolgreicher Auftakt des neuen Formats “Innovation Research Lab meets Medical Valley” am 21.10.2016

News 18.10.2016 Opportunities presented at Georgia Institute of Technology by ITT and IRL Alumni

News 02.09.2016 Akademische Ideen-Schmiede

News 01.09.2016 Innovation Research Lab meets Medical Valley

News 19.08.2016 Young student innovation fellowship program at Innovation Think Tank, Siemens Healthineers

News 18.08.2016: Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP) programme at Bogazici university

News 19.07.2016: The medical devices of the future

News 11.03.2016: Participate in Innovation Certification event at Peking University organized by Siemens Healthcare

News 30.12. 2015: Participate in annual Innovation Research Lab Exhibition (IRLE) 2016

News 26.12.2015: Press release on innovation certification at Bogazici university, Turkey

News 09.12.2015: Innovationtag 2015 OTH-Weiden (20.11.2015 program)

News 01.12.2015 Finalist announced for Innovation Management Certification at Bogazici University 

News 18.11.2015: Apply for the Best student award 2016 in the area of pattern recognition and medical engineering

News 25.10.2015: Das volle Potential ausschöpfen – Innovative Forschungsumgebung für Ingenieure und Geisteswissenschaftler

News: 03.09.2015 “Transdisciplinary innovations demonstrated at Innovation Research Lab Exhibition 2015”

News: 01.09.2015 “Agenda for Innovation Research Lab Exhibition, 3rd Sept 15”

News: 25.08.2015 “Stanford India Biodesign workshop at IRL for available fellowships”

News: 17.08.2015 “International collaboration offering attractive avenues for the students”


Feedback of participants


What I learnt during the seminar (IM):

  • Body language during presentation
  • Looking at every single person, as you don’t know his/her importance for the project
  • What is innovation?  Was there a demand before the product was available or has it been developed through the product? Teamwork, Delegation of work, Results of work – structured working is important.
  • What are Stakeholder and Shareholder and what roles do they play?
  • How to finance projects
  • An innovation must solve a problem – must a problem exist for working innovatively?
  • Every social level has individual challenges

~Nathalie Kastelan (Participant WS 2014/15)


What I learnt during the seminar (IM):

  • “Back then I learned very much, especially about team-work. We had a lot of meetings in order to generate ideas. After that we divided our plan in detailed tasks, which improved our performance. We had a little workshop with friends to optimize our ideas. The final presentation showed that body language plays an important role.”

~Xun Teng (Participant WS 2013/14, Interdisciplinary innovation in medical engineering WS 2013/14, Internship Innovation management SS2014, Masterthesis WS 2014/15)


What I learnt during the seminar (IM):

  • How to create an innovate idea
  • What does the structure of a Presentation look like: current market situation constitute, what can be an important addition in this market segment -> describing an innovative idea and depict visual (Modell), predict the cost of the innovative idea
  • How to perform an accurate presentation: make eye contact, a concisely presentation
  • How to introduce the drafted concept/market idea to a potential investor: short presentation of 5 min. -> simplification of the complex concept
  • Improvement of the presentation
  • Independent developing in any unknown industrial field

~Tim Walter (Participant WS 2014/15)


What I learnt during the seminar (IM):

  • Techniques of moderation and presentation: development and presentation of ideas
  • What is innovation?
  • Teambuilding
  • Trends in innovation
  • New creative techniques

~ Bettina Kisselhegn (Participant WS 2013/14)


What I learnt at Innovation Think Tank Lab, Siemens Healthcare:

  • How to implement rapid-prototyping functions and how it works in a large company
  • All-rounder-abilities: CAD, programming, techniques of presentation, techniques of design

~Philipp Treffer (Participant Innovation management seminar WS 2014/15, Bachelorthesis WS 2014/15)


What I learnt at Innovation Think Tank Lab, Siemens Healthcare:

  • Techniques of presentation
  • Right behavior towards important persons
  • Preparation of posters for visualizing ideas
  • Preparation of presentations in a short time
  • Working climate and teamwork as impacts on the individual productivity and on the outcome of the different projects
  • For developing new ideas and innovative concepts one does no need to be a key expert
  • Focusing on one project and working on different projects at the same time
  • How to shoulder responsibility and how to handle power responsibly
  • Motivation as base of success
  • Being prepared for new and extraordinary situations and challenges for broadening horizon

~ Ruth Meissner (Internship August 2014, working student) ~ Chiara Seidl (working student)


What I learnt at Innovation Think Tank Lab, Siemens Healthcare (Practical Training):

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork between students, engineers, scientists and doctors
  • Motivation is key to success
  • Applying and Developing sophisticated scientific methods in a clinical environment
  • How to work on a scientific publication
  • Acquire knowledge and practical methods from the scratch
  • The possibility to do an international internship in one of various ITT Labs all over the world (Germany, China, India, Turkey)

~ Richard Johnson (WS13/14, Interdisciplinary Innovations in Medical Engineering, SS14 Practical Training in Medical Engineering, SS15 International Internship)


What I learnt at Innovation Think Tank Lab, Siemens Healthcare:

  • Product development starting from the scratch until system integration
  • Developing out-of-the-box ideas
  • Getting the trust to present ideas in front of Siemens Management and to take part in expert workshops
  • To develop interdisciplinary leadership and teamwork skills within multiple projects from different Healthcare business units
  • Gaining international working experience within projects in China
  • Key factors on ‘how to be and how to stay innovative’
  • Working on multiple technical solutions for current research and business topics
  • Be part of a widespread global network of Siemens management members, key experts, scientists  and international students
  • How to use knowledge out of university within practical applications

~ Sebastian Schroth ( SS13, Practical Training on Interdisciplinary Innovations in Medical Engineering, WS13/14 – SS14 Innovation Management)